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  • 26-06-2024

Why Urban Planning is Important?

When it comes to developing urban areas, forward-thinking, proper planning, and precise execution are required. The growth of towns and cities must happen in accordance with the particular objective of the state. The local councils play a vital role during this process. Most cities rely on urban planning to stay functional, see population growth, and attract more businesses. The way…
  • 26-04-2024

Useful Hacks for Reducing Property Development Costs

Property development can always be an exciting adventure for both the property owner as well as the builder. The procedure seems fun and exciting. However, sooner than not, you will be faced with the task of managing the property development costs. If it is your first time, you will certainly have difficulty. This is because property development often comes with…
  • 29-09-2021

Dual Occupancy House: Understand the Basics

Known as a duplex, multi-dwelling, or a side-by-side development, a dual occupancy house is two structures built together whether they are attached or independent. There are various layouts and possible ways you can plan and develop a dual occupancy house. It can be an attached residence sitting side by side (both with a street frontage) or two structures one after…
  • 29-09-2021

Everything You Need To Know Before Building A New Pool!

Having a pool in your family house is a dream for most homeowners. It is a great area for playing with kids and enjoy summer time. Often people think of getting a swimming pool in their homes but most lack the knowledge to get proper approvals, plan the construction and manage other things. Here is a complete guide outlining everything…
  • 29-09-2021

Illegal Building Works – How To Get On The Right Side Of The Law

Contrary to popular belief, illegal building works are common. These are unlawful constructions and additions conducted with a valid permit from the local council or proper government authority. Over the years, many illegal building works have sprouted in Sydney, North Coast and various other regions of New South Wales. According to experts it is because of rapid population growth, as…

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