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Urban Planning & Building Consultancy is one of the best property development and planning service providers in NSW.Our company was established in the year 2013 by our founders Lonny Yule and Draco Perry. We are a one-stop destination where you can get the best urban planning and construction services remotely. We are a completely online company meaning all our business is conducted via emails and video meetings. Our modern method of working has made us a sought-after name in the industry especially after the COVID-19 pandemic. You can get in touch with us for planning and building of residential, commercial and industrial properties.

We are one of the best town planning and project management companies in Sydney, North Coast and other areas of NSW providing unmatched services. Our company remotely offers solutions such as consultation, plans, advice, floor plans, suggestions and other type of assistance via email and online meetings. Our mission is to guide and aid investors, builders and property owners manage planning and development of their properties without hassle or stress. You can get in touch with us for your next development, property advancements, extensions, new constructions etc.

What We Do?

Urban Planning and Building Consultants was established in 2013 to provide excellent and independent urban planning consultation and customized solutions to architects, builders, local councils and property owners on a range of building and construction-related matters. Our company concentrates on giving proper planning advice and services for construction or property advancement projects across NSW particularly Sydney and North Coast.

The focus, passion and dedication of our team has allowed us to have a business that is thriving. Our team enables us to concentrate on growing, develop a broad range of clients and local development controls much better than our competitors.
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Why Choose Us?

We at Urban Planning & Building Consultants are dedicated to working remotely with you to develop ideas, meet needs,
and provide solutions within your budgets.
We Listen
We respect our clients and always listen to their aspirations and requirements to have a clear understanding of their priorities and ensure their dream projects are made.
Unique Solutions
We believe in standing out with our work which is when you come to use, we give you unique and original solutions to suit your needs.
Economical Services
We strive to provide good services to our clients without going overboard their budget. We let them know all options to provide a choice.
Dedicated Team
Our company provides excellent services economically because we are backed by a team of dedicated and passionate professionals.
No Hassle
When you come to us for building planning, getting approvals, managing documentations, tendering or any other work, we do it without hassle.
Ethical Practices
We believe in working ethically and providing our services as per the laws of the local councils and NSW Government.

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