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    Welcome To Urban Planning & Building Consultants

    We are one of the best town planning and project management companies in New South Wales (NSW) offering a variety of services. Our company providesremote consultation, plans, advice, floor plans, suggestions and other type of assistance via email and online meetings.Our prime aim is to help investors, builders and property owners manage planning and development of their residential, commercial or industrial real estate without hassle or stress. You can get in touch with us for your next development, property advancements, extensions, new constructions etc.
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    UPBC hasplanned and developed different types of houses and units across Sydney, North Coast and various other regions of New South Wales (NSW).
    Need to revamp your commercial or residential property? We can provide you the assistance and guidance to have a modern structure.
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    We are backed by a team if certified and qualified professions that plan, strategize, analyse,and develop reliable & quality properties.
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    You can rely on us to manage the planning and construction of your property as we strive to provide only quality projects to our clients.

    Why Choose Us?

    Extensive Experience
    Urban Planning and Building Development is running successfully since its launch in 2013. Over the years, we have catered to clients across various sectors and helped them plan and develop residential, commercial and industrial properties in regions of New South Wales, especially Sydney and North Coast.

    We have about a decade of experience that makes us better than our competitors and helps us provide the best solutions to our clients. Over the years, we have formed an excellent market reputation, connections with contractors, partnerships with realtors and done much more to provide quality servicesto all our associates.

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    Our Philosophy

    Urban Planning & Building Consultants is dedicated to the application of fair practices and following development principles to get desired results for our associates, clients, and stakeholders. We do our best to meet expectation of professionalsassociated with us or our clients.

    We strive to give prompt and well-organized responses to queries and working through problems with our clients to getthe best outcomes. We work closely with other professionals to ensure that our clients receive the best and most economical servicesthat also meet their needs.

    Our Sectors

    Over the years, we have catered to several sectors through our urban planning and building consultancy services. Since of our company’s establishment, we have provided our services to government and private builders to develop buildings in retirement villages. Here is what we do when projects related to retirement and senior housing come to us. Here is a list of some of the sectors related to the property development industry we have helped.
    • Retirement &Senior Housing
    • Greenfield Housing
    • General Infrastructure Development
    • Industrial Buildings
    • Tourism Or Recreation Structures
    • Local Developments
    • Non Profit buildings


    Known as a duplex, multi-dwelling, or a side-by-side development, a dual occupancy house is two structures built together whether they are attached or independent. There are various layouts and possible ways you can plan and develop a dual occupancy house. It can be an attached residence sitting side by side (both with a street frontage) or two structures one after…
    Having a pool in your family house is a dream for most homeowners. It is a great area for playing with kids and enjoy summer time. Often people think of getting a swimming pool in their homes but most lack the knowledge to get proper approvals, plan the construction and manage other things. Here is a complete guide outlining everything…
    Contrary to popular belief, illegal building works are common. These are unlawful constructions and additions conducted with a valid permit from the local council or proper government authority. Over the years, many illegal building works have sprouted in Sydney, North Coast and various other regions of New South Wales. According to experts it is because of rapid population growth, as…